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Forms Perimeter Implementation - Enabling Attachment Transfer for High security variant

asked on August 17, 2020

Howdy Laserfiche Nerds,

I'm working with a customer who has successfully implemented Forms 10.4.444 on their DMZ, however we ran into an issue enabling the attachment transfer feature over 8170. After updating the endpoint and setting the "enableattachmenttransfer=true," Forms in the DMZ flat out refuses to accept any attachment at the user level- as in whenever you try to attach a file, the page throws an error on the upload. 
I searched for any documentation regarding this feature and outside of another answers post and just using good ole common sense, I have deduced that the only thing this customer is missing is setting their internal forms to store to a volume rather than in the database. Here's what the help files stated that leads me to my question:
If your configuration includes a Forms server in a DMZ, the following configuration will be required in order for files to be securely stored on a volume within the firewall. Open the Forms server web.config file, set the EnableAttachmentTransfer key to true, and open port 8170 to use the Routing Service on the internal Forms server as a proxy for file uploads.

So here's my question: Is Forms storing to a Volume rather than the database a prerequisite for this (enabling attachment transfer over port 8170) functionality? 
I mean it seems so per the verbiage in the help files and makes complete sense since the sql replication method theoretically wouldn't change.
​​​​​​​If so, rectifying this isn't too bad at all- just set it up and backup/restore of the db and ensure the config file has the proper endpoint addresses and the "enableattachmenttransfer" property is set to true and move along yeah?


Hope you all are having a wonderful day and staying safe!

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replied on October 11, 2023

Did you ever find a solution?

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