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Update/Remove a loaded Assembly Reference

asked on July 31, 2020 Show version history

I have a dll that lives on the the installation folder that i would like to update however I cannot replace/remove it because Workflow has it open. In the administration panel i see it under loaded assemblies. Is there a way "unload" it so that i may replace it on the installation directory? 


On a side note does anyone have any best practices for managing 3rd party assemblies? It seems like the only place i can put them is in the root folder of the installation directory, I can't seem to group them in a folder. 

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replied on July 31, 2020


Stopping the workflow service will unload the assembly.  You can then copy the new version over the old one, then restart the workflow service.  Your new assembly will then load.

Most likely the reason you are having trouble with workflow accessing assemblies outside of the root folder is because the account that the workflow service is running under does not have the appropriate permissions on the folder containing your assembly.

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replied on August 3, 2020

Workflow is a .Net application, so standard rules for assembly detection apply. For assemblies not in the Global Assembly Cache, .Net will try to resolve them by path.

  • [application base] / [assembly name].dll

  • [application base] / [assembly name] / [assembly name].dll

[application base] in this context is the folder where the Workflow Server executable is located.

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