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Feature Enhancement: Send Email Notification for Supended Tasks

posted on July 30

Hello team, we've just updated to Forms and it has been an interesting ride so far. Loving the new notification options and file storage location features.

I wanted to quickly submit a feature enhancement to make the Process Notification for Suspended Tasks just a little more useful. If possible, could we attach and/or include the "Error" in the body of the email or attach it as a .txt / .log file?

That way depending on the type of error, the right person can take action accordingly. Otherwise, we have four people logging in all to see 'why' something was suspended and then one of them actually resolving it if it is relevant to them/their team/their tasks/piece of the puzzle.

In addition, it would be awesome if we could globally enable/configure these notifications. At the global level, we'd be able to name individuals OR a new token for "Process Administrators". That way an email could be generated that includes the process name, submission ID and it could be sent to the process administrators.

If a process administrator had configured the notifications locally at the process level, that would override the global setting.

Aside from that, thanks for the great work Forms Dev team!

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replied on July 31

Thanks for your feedback for the new features and sharing the use case for Process Notification for Suspended Tasks. I added your request to our ideas list and will look into how can we improve the process notification to make it more useful. 

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