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exporting multi values

asked on July 30, 2020

I have a form that has a table where a user selects an item and a quantity for that item. How can that be translated into an Excel Spreadsheet with each selection and corresponding quantity on the same row? It is being save to the Repository. I have a template. The item is a drop down list. Quantity is a multifield value. They export all values but they are all on the same row. see attached file.

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replied on July 31, 2020

How are converting the saved document into an excel file? Are you utilizing a custom workflow, if so can you share workflow details?

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replied on August 10, 2020

I'm just using a save to repository step from the form and use a template with fields. Then in Laserfiche, I put the fields in the columns, and use Download Report (Excel report).  The multi-filed lines are all in the same cell. I need them each in a column by themselves. Would I be able to achieve this by using a Forms report?

PPE.xlsx (7.89 KB)
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