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Web Client- Records Management-Edit Metadata Field

asked on June 29, 2020


We recently updated a customer's Web Client module to 10.4.2 to enable the ability for the user to update Metadata on documents who have been cutoff (This feature was added in 10.4.2).

It is working, but when a Template/Field is loaded in the Document Viewer, the customer has to refresh the page in order to be able to make an edit.

I do not see this in my 10.4.2 WC.

Anyone else see this issue.

Bug possibly?

Appreciate the feedback,

Jeff Curtis

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replied on June 29, 2020

What do you mean by "when a Template/Field is loaded in the Document Viewer"? They run into trouble when the document doesn't already have a template? Or only if it already does?

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replied on June 30, 2020

Hello Brian,

Sorry should have been more clear.

When they open a document that has been cutoff and want to edit a metadata field, it shows as grayed out. If they refresh the page, the fields are now able to be edited. 

Strange, 1st time viewing, grayed out, refresh, no problem with that document.

If they open a new document, same issue.

Jeff Curtis

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