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Lookup Rule Working Erratically with Tables

asked on June 29

We've had this issue for a while but now that I'm validating what's typed with what's in Laserfiche, I need to resolve this issue. I use the following external table:

I use a lookup rule for this table designed as follows:

Not sure the screenshot is clear, but I fill the Doc ID Description column with what's in the table under the docIdDesc column. Once that's filled it, another lookup rule then puts in the Doc ID based on the Doc ID Description. Here's the issue ... instead of filling in the field with the correct Doc ID, it's putting in the Doc ID Description again. Here's an example:

Here's another example:

That Doc ID field is read only and should autofill. Anyone else ever experience this? If so, how'd you solve it?

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replied two days ago

Please open a support case with your SP and provide the downloaded process and the backup of the external database used in the lookup rule. We need further investigation on this issue. 

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