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Can lookup tables be edited after they are uploaded?

asked on June 29, 2020

Is it possible to modify a lookup table once it has been added? I'm not an administrator with our company so unfortunately all I can do is add lookup rules once the table has been added, but one of our admins who is new to using lookup tables with LF is having issues editing a table that has already been uploaded. 

Are there any common issues people run into/things we should be aware of that would prevent the editing of a lookup table? Any tips/tricks would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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replied on June 29, 2020

Hi Dylan,

It is possible to modify a lookup table after it has been added. This can be done manually by re-uploading a csv/xlsx file. (select the Lookup Table > Update). Documentation for this can be found here

Doing so will entirely replace the data in your current table with the data in the uploaded csv/xlsx. Any modifications to the column data types made originally will be remembered, so no modifications should be necessary given that the columns and type of data match the existing table.


In addition to manually updating the data you can automate modifying the data as part of a process by using UPDATE or INSERT rules and workflow. 

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replied on June 29, 2020

Thank you very much Ian! I'll pass this along to our admin and see if this helps resolve the issue! It sounds like I'll need to get some Workflow training one of these days though. I have little to no experience with it but it sounds like the things it can do are incredibly helpful from an automation/time-saving perspective!

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