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Retrieve Business Process Variable in Laserfiche cloud

asked on June 29, 2020

How do I Retrieve Business Process Variables from a form in Laserfiche cloud Laserfiche workflow.

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replied on June 29, 2020

Hey Jason,

Having played around in Laserfiche Cloud a bit at this point, I thought I'd give you a quick guide on how to accomplish this (expanding on what Jared said above).

The 'Retrieve Business Process Variables' and 'Set Business Process Variables' don't exist in Workflow in Laserfiche cloud.

Instead, start on the Workflow side of the equation. As Jared mentioned, make sure to select from the right hand pane "Allow this workflow to be started by other processes." Then select "View Parameters directly below it.

There, type in anything you want for an Input name (example I used is FirstName). This is also where you could configure output parameters from that workflow back to the Form's process (unfortunately the ability to launch a new form from this doesn't sounds like it'll be available until sometime next month). 

Make sure when you're finished with these parameters that you Save and Publish that task, otherwise, the input / output parameter options (or the workflow itself) won't appear on your Forms process diagram.

Then, navigate to your Forms process, and create a workflow task. Provided you've published your workflow, it'll appear in the list available for you to launch. Hit "Add Input Values" to take whichever variable you want from your form and use it as an input value to the workflow. Again, this is also where you would take any output variable you have or create from the workflow task and place it into your Form as a variable as well.

Hope this helps!

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replied on June 29, 2020

It works a little bit differently on cloud. On the WF side, in the right pane with nothing selected, you need to turn on the option to "Allow this business process to be invoked", and at the bottom, define input and output parameters to the WF. Create an input parameter for any variable you want to pass over from the business process and create an output parameter for any value you want to pass back to the process. Once that's done, go to your business process and open up the workflow service task. When you select that workflow, you'll see the input parameters there ready to be filled by variables. 

Instead of retrieving business process variables and setting business process variables from workflow activities, you create input and output parameters and kick the workflow off with the values. 

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