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Making a form available to people within organization

asked on June 28, 2020


I am a new user of Laserfiche.

I wish to ask a doubt about LF forms. I want to create a form for a simple data collection task.

Is there a way I can make the form available to be filled by other people within organization? In short, I want to make a form available for metadata collection. How can I achieve that without buying a lot of licenses?

Thank You.


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replied on June 29, 2020

One solution would be to buy participant licenses which are less expensive than full licenses. These licenses allow the user to fill out and submit forms and participate in processes by completing user tasks. 

For anonymous submissions that don't require a license at all, you can purchase the Forms Portal add-on which will allow anyone to submit a public form. With Forms Portal, you can set a form for public submission and any user with the URL can find the form to submit it. 

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