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Feature Request: Override Global Options in Import Agent Profiles

posted on June 11, 2020


We've reached a point now where we have about 50+ Import Agent profiles running and one thing I've found is that the global settings kind of force them all to the lowest common denominator.

As an example, we have one specific process created by one of our vendors that can in some cases take a long time to finish generating documents.

As a result, we had some incomplete files getting pulled in and had to set the "New Files" to wait until it has not been modified for at least 5 minutes.

However, most of our processes do not need to wait that long, and in some cases we would really prefer they didn't, but we have to leave that setting the way it is because of that one specific process.

As a result, I'd love to see something similar to the "override global settings" option that was added in Forms for data maintenance.

It would be great if in addition to the "global" options, we could also override those settings on a per-profile basis so not all of the profiles would be subject to the same restrictions.

In our case, I'd probably set the global to only a minute or two, then use the override to set that one specific profile to 5 minutes.

Although my current focus is on the "Import files that have not been modified within the last..." setting, I can see this being useful for other global options. For example, if we want to OCR documents but only want to decolumnize or perform image enhancements on some documents.

When running OCR in a repository we use different settings depending on the nature of the document so I can see that also being useful with Import Agent.

This could apply to a lot of the settings, and most of the time global settings are perfectly fine, but it would be nice to have the option to get more granular when necessary.

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replied on June 18, 2020

Thanks for the write up Jason, this is a fair request. I've passed it to the capture team for consideration.

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