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Forms Portal – Literature

asked on June 8, 2020



I have spent quite some time looking around for some information specifically on Form Portal but have been unable to find anything. Does anyone have anything they could share with me which outlines what exactly Forms Portal does and the benefits of using it?


If you have anything please post it here or mail me directly at


Thanks in advance.

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replied on June 8, 2020

Here is a link to some documentation regarding Forms Portal:

Forms Portal is a licensing add-on that will allow you to configure your starting forms to be submitted by unauthenticated (public) users. The general use is to install Forms licensed with Forms Portal in your DMZ so it is accessible by external users, then build processes designed to be submitted by unauthenticated users. Because these users do not have a Laserfiche license/account, they can only submit starting forms and cannot participate later in the process since you cannot assign them user tasks. You can collect their email and keep them informed of the process. 

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