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Laserfiche Weblink 9 direct download

asked on June 2



We have modified our Login.aspx file to include username and password to login to the repository. However, we are having trouble getting documents to download automatically. We don't know the specific URL parameters, we tried electronicfile.aspx, openpdf=true, and others. Our URL would look like this: http://localhost/WebLink/browse.aspx?id=645899&username=exampleusername&password=password&dbid=1

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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replied on June 3 Show version history

Including Username and password in the URL is very insecure and not recommended.  A better approach may be to create another dbid (that auto logs in with the predefined credentials) for them to use.

For Electronic documents:
For LF Documents downloaded as PDF:

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replied on June 2

I don't think you can pass credentials to arbitrary urls. Is your scenario that the users should log in with different accounts but they don't know their own account information?

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replied on June 3

The scenario is that the credentials are for a service account with limited access (only to one folder). We are trying to integrate with an external system to pass records to. The issue is that this system needs to have one URL to both log in and download the file.

We got the credentials working by modifying the Login.aspx file but we can't get the file to download at the same time.

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