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How To Uncutoff Records Using the SDK

asked on June 1

Is it possible using the SDK to uncutoff records? It's pretty easy to cut them off using the SDK, but going through the documentation, Answers, etc., I can't seem to find a way to get them back to an uncutoff state. If someone could provide a code example I would be very appreciative. This is in a flexible records management context. Naturally I looked at using Workflow first, but it doesn't seem to have that capability either. Thank you for any guidance.

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replied on June 2

not sure that this is the correct way but it seems to work:

        Using RecDoc As DocumentInfo = Document.GetDocumentInfo(RecDocID, RASession)
                Dim rp As Records.RecordProperties = RecDoc.GetRecordProperties()
                If rp.IsCutoff Then
                    If Not rp.DispositionState = Records.DispositionState.Final Then
                    End If
                End If
            Catch ex As Exception

            End Try
        End Using


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replied on June 2

Uncutoff has been added to the Set Records Management Properties activity for WF 10.4.2.

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