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Conflicting Form Routing Rules, How to make one override the other?

asked on May 22, 2020


Our HR Department is having us build a form for COVID-19 screening. We have rules setup so that the Form only goes to the employee's supervisor and HR if they select that they have symptoms or have been around someone who has symptoms. We are all human so I wanted to make sure that I accounted for human error (selecting conflicting answers). There are multiple symptoms we want to account for so the field has to be checkbox format, which would then allow the user to select multiple symptoms as well as "NONE OF THE ABOVE" as an option. If I select "NONE OF THE ABOVE" and a symptom, the rule forces the flow to not send a notification email. I tried adding conditions that say if other symptoms are "unchecked" AND "NONE of the ABOVE" is checked but that was causing the process to terminate. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? 

Here is what our form currently looks like:

Here is an example of conflicting answers:

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replied on May 22, 2020

What do you want to happen if the user selects a symptom and none of the above? If you want to send it along to the supervisors in this case, I would recommend your rules being

If fever selected OR if cough selected OR if .... (everything except none of the above), go to supervisor

Default branch is do nothing

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replied on May 22, 2020

I am thinking it should go to the supervisor just due to any symptom being selected.

This how the rules are currently set up to send it to the supervisor:

/dataset/V_1__Do_you_have_any_of_the_following_symptoms__select_all_that_may_apply_/variable/Fever="checked" or /dataset/V_1__Do_you_have_any_of_the_following_symptoms__select_all_that_may_apply_/variable/Cough="checked" or /dataset/V_1__Do_you_have_any_of_the_following_symptoms__select_all_that_may_apply_/variable/Shortness_of_Breath="checked" or /dataset/V_1__Do_you_have_any_of_the_following_symptoms__select_all_that_may_apply_/variable/Chills="checked" or /dataset/V_1__Do_you_have_any_of_the_following_symptoms__select_all_that_may_apply_/variable/Repeated_Shaking_with_Chills="checked" or /dataset/V_1__Do_you_have_any_of_the_following_symptoms__select_all_that_may_apply_/variable_1/Muscle_Pain="checked" or /dataset/V_1__Do_you_have_any_of_the_following_symptoms__select_all_that_may_apply_/variable_1/Headache="checked" or /dataset/V_1__Do_you_have_any_of_the_following_symptoms__select_all_that_may_apply_/variable_1/Sore_Throat="checked" or /dataset/V_1__Do_you_have_any_of_the_following_symptoms__select_all_that_may_apply_/variable_1/Loss_of_Taste_or_Smell="checked" or /dataset/variable="Yes"


This is if they select "None of the above" or "No" on the second question:

/dataset/V_1__Do_you_have_any_of_the_following_symptoms__select_all_that_may_apply_/variable_1/NONE_OF_THE_ABOVE="checked" or /dataset/variable="No"

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replied on May 22, 2020

Hi Kristina

I sometimes go about this in Mathematical method to reduce the amount of conditions. An Example of a way I might go about this in your case would be as follows.

Create a Single line field named "Symptom Check" for example and use a formula such as below to concatenate all of the values from your checkbox field together such 


The output from this would look look like FALSEFLASEFALSEFALSE for however many values you have.

Each time your select a value in your checkbox field then that value would change to TRUE.

Let's say my last value (The None of the Above) from your example was selected this would look like

FALSEFLASEFALSETRUE meaning that only None of the above was selected

Now update your formula to an IF condition where if only the last value was selected the Outcome is Yes, but all other variations would be No


Now in your rule you can use this field ("Symptom Check") with just Yes or No as opposed to all of the options you had stated above. using Field Rules you can Hide this so it doesn't appear on your form, you may want to Save Variables in your rules for other things down the road

Hopefully this gives you another way to simplify things and possible help to resolve your issue

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