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Diagram within a form

asked on May 22


I am developing a form for a fireplace/wood stove.  The applicant is required to fill in the distances where between the arrow points as shown on the diagram. 

Is there a way to insert a diagram that allows a user to update the diagram with required information

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replied on May 22

Your best bet is to include in the diagram some keywords for each distance
Height to ceiling
Distance to back wall
Distance to side wall...

Then put fields underneath it on the form where they can enter values named the same things. You could even use letters on the diagram A, B, C, then have them fill out fields called A, B, C... 


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replied on May 22 Show version history

You can definitely insert an image using the Custom HTML element and embedding an image that is hosted somewhere.

 title="Laserfiche logo" alt="Laserfiche logo">

As for moving fields to be overtop of the image and in the proper places between the arrows, good luck. You'll have to spend a lot of time playing around with CSS and changing margins.

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