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SAML with Google

asked on May 11, 2020

Looking to use Google with Laserfiche for SSO - anyone successful with using google?

We are getting a may not be configured correctly error. 


Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 10.09.20 AM.png
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replied on July 28, 2020

Google is not yet on our list of supported providers, but it has been added to our backlog for testing to see if we can support it. It may be some time before we get to this request, but I will link to this post so we can update back.

For troubleshooting on your own, I recommending looking at Google help files and asking for help from the community there, since the majority of documentation for our supported SAML providers is based on each SAML provider's support documentation.

Note that our general SAML documentation has been supplemented by some troubleshooting pages, though the troubleshooting is focused on the step after you successfully get a SAML token. 

While we don't offer support for Google SAML at this time, we may be able to help if you have specific questions about how LFDS settings work/should be determined (e.g., how do I check that I have the right authentication context).

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replied on April 13, 2021

Good afternoon, any update on if this has been tested as of yet? 

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replied on March 29, 2022

We are also interested in this as Laserfiche is one of two integrations we have not moved to Google.  Has there been any updates on this testing in the past year?

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replied on March 30, 2022

No updates at this time. The post is linked in our work item, so we plan to update this post when we have tested google as a SAML provider and can officially say we support it.

It is the next provider on our list, but still may be some time before we can support Google SAML authentication.

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replied on December 6, 2022

Commenting so I get notified of updates. We are also very interested in this feature. We utilize Google as our primary directory service (phasing out Active Directory). Google authentication would make it so much easier for our staff to utilize Laserfiche, and also extend the MFA protection on our Google accounts to Laserfiche access.

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replied on April 14, 2021

Out of curiosity was this something you were able to get configured. I have a client interested in moving to Cloud but would want to use google for their SSO.

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replied on January 3

Happy New Year! Any updates on this?

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replied on January 23

No definitive ETA yet, but we are planning to return to this item.

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