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FEATURE REQUEST: Encrypted Fields

asked on May 8, 2020

We'd like to request a feature that customers are asking about, and that is the ability to encrypt/secure a specific field with a password.  This is a feature that Seamlessdocs has, and they wish it could be a feature in Laserfiche.

The use case is for a large city where not all 4,500 employees are licensed but use a read-only portal, to be able to put forms/documents in an accessible spot where a personal field could be hidden, but unlocked by the person it belongs to.  Example, an employee document with private info like a bank account or SSN.  You can't just hide the field, or the owner of the info would not be able to see it.  It would a huge benefit to be able to unlock that field with a password.

Even if we were talking about everyone having a license, I believe the same concept applies, it would still be an effective tool to add.

There are some other use cases, but I'm curious if anything like this is in development?

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replied on May 8, 2020

How would you manage that? You don't have separate passwords for each field and document, do you? Laserfiche does have field-level security if users authenticate to the system, which seems less flexible in theory but I really wonder how much flexibility you can get from a password-based system in practice.

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replied on May 9, 2020

Yes, very familiar with the field level security. . .and yes, this would be a lot of admin.  The customer is asking based on this type of functionality:

I believe we have some workarounds for during the workflow, but I also believe the feature has some unique benefits, especially for documents/forms used in the portals.

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replied on May 11, 2020

It's an interesting idea, but our solution would be to authenticate access to the portal for users who need to read those values.

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