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Feature Request: Use tokens in 'Set Records Properties' tool in workflow

asked on April 7, 2020 Show version history


Today I was attempting to automate flexible records management via workflow and ran into a roadblock.  I would like to make a feature request to enable the use of Tokens in the workflow tool 'Set Records Management Properties'.

My use case would be that in a TRM workflow I want to move a doc to a records area in the repository (that is not a records series), then have workflow lookup in a db table what the cutoff and retention schedule would be for that type of doc.  Next the 'Set Records Management Properties' would use the token generated from the lookup and set the cutoff and retention schedule.  The cutoff and retention schedule would have to match an already created one from the list.

Currently only a list of pre-configured cutoffs and retention schedules can be selected.  Adding the token would make this way more dynamic.

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replied on December 1, 2020

I would just like to say that this keeps coming up in my deployments as something that is needed when doing Flexible RM

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replied on December 10, 2020

Running into this a lot as well especially for Municipal Designs.

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replied on December 11, 2020

Laserfiche Developers:   I would also like to point out that this use case is relevant in the LFcloud and we would use this in every municipal onboarding/implementation into LFcloud. 

This is a restrictive point for us at this juncture.

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