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Using Windows AD Accounts to authenticate with Okta

posted on March 25

I have a Client that is wanting to utilize Okta for Laserfiche authentication. We have been able to successfully setup the Okta Identity Provider,  and can login to Laserfiche Forms using an Okta account that has been added in LFDS. The Web Client isn't configured yet to use LFDS for authentication.

Client has been using Laserfiche for quite a while now. In their Okta setup, they are able to authenticate using their Windows accounts. Currently they have a mixture of Windows and Laserfiche accounts.

  1. Is there a way to use/add the Windows Profiles to the Okta Identity provider such that it syncs with their current Windows Users in Laserfiche?
  2. For their Laserfiche Accounts, what would be the ideal way to potentially convert those to Windows Accounts and if 1 is possible, sync them?


Thanks in Advance.

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replied on March 26

Hi Karim,

  1. You can use our proxied provider functionality for this:
  2. Are you talking about Laserfiche users created in LFDS or repository users created in the Laserfiche Administration Console?
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