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Forms Table to Rank Answers

asked on March 25

Has anyone created a list in forms where the end-user would rank the choices and then save those answers to a template field?  In the example below I want to give them the list (Email, Facebook,etc.) then put a number next to that field indicating their preference.  Then store all this in a multi-value template field. (2 Email; 6 Facebook...)

14.    Prioritize the following list with regard how you would like to be contacted:
2    Email
6  Facebook
1   LinkedIn
5    Twitter
3    Official Websites
7    Online meetings       
4   Teleconferencing
8    Television
•    Other (Text Field)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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replied on March 25

Hi Sandy

Have you thought about using a Table, where the options are in a drop down field, and they can add rows and choose a value from the field, for as many different selections as required.

That way you wouldn't have to reorder the data when righting it to the Template Field. I think you could also use field grouping to right it to the Metadata fields directly from Forms as opposed to having to use Workflow

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