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Is there a way to do this

asked on March 25

Good day! I work in Dept. of Social Services and am curious if this is possible. Say I have a report of suspected child abuse it is investigated and substantiated. There are a couple of scenarios one would be we leave the child in the home and provide in-home services to the parents about proper discipline the other would be that the child is removed from the home (depending on severity of case). But going down either path requires it's own unique set of forms that need to be completed through the life of the case. Is there a way to have a "collection" of forms that can automatically be tied by to the original report, to pre-populate the required forms based on path?

I don't really have an example as I am just trying to think how best to move the information between forms where appropriate and save staff time. I am not IT :>)

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replied on March 27


Bravo!  This is a very good application of Laserfiche Forms and a Business Process.  Fundamentally you have have the following:

  • A primary report (Form) containing field data that applies to two or more additional forms 
  • A user decision to select which of the additional forms to use (business process)
  • A method to populate common data into the additional forms (Forms look up rule or other method)

I just want to point out that this is only part of the power of Laserfiche Forms and Business Processes.  You can use these two tools to manage a case, escalate the case to others, set timers and deadlines, run reports on open cases, and more.  I hope you continue to learn more about Forms and Business Processes and find more applications for the platform.




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replied on March 27

Thanks Justin.

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replied on March 25

Hi Wes

Couple options

You can use Workflow to kick off the additional Forms when the initial form is submitted and pass the tombstone info from the initial forms to it, and assign those forms to the advisor. 

You could write the data from the first form into a DB table with a unique ID, on the subsequent forms create a lookup based on the Unique ID to populate the fields on those forms when the advisor enters the unique ID

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