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Exclude empty row from calculation

asked on March 24

I have a table column for which I need to get the minimum value. I have this formula. It works; however, I would like it to ignore any empty values until populated.


When a row is added, the value in the new row is empty. This automatically changes the MIN value to zero. Technically, it should do this. I would like to use only populated values to determine the MIN value.

I am overthinking and can't seem to wrap my head around it. Please help.

Also, I would prefer to use formulas and not code for this, if possible.



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replied on March 25

There is no out of box MINIF formula supported so currently not doable with formulas.

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replied on March 26

Can anyone tell me if this can be done by coding? If so, please explain what I need to do. I am not an experienced coder.

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