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Forms SMTP - Unable to read data from the transport connection: net_io_connectionclosed.

posted on February 28, 2020

Anyone know what this error means? Getting this while trying to send a test email in Forms.

I am using a well known service, with SSL over port 465. I tried googling for more information but most of the posts on the subject just say to switch to TLS and do not properly describe the issue. Laserfiche does not include an option to switch to TLS.

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replied on February 28, 2020 Show version history

Use port 587 with SSL/TLS. Port 465 was never an official secure SMTP port and is functionally depreciated.

For more background, see: Which SMTP Port Should I Use? Understanding Ports 25, 465, & 587

TLS is the successor protocol to SSL. The last version of SSL was depreciated around a decade ago. People still use the term to mean "TLS" though. Anywhere you see "Use SSL" (or similar) in Laserfiche really means "Use TLS".

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replied on February 28, 2020

Oh! This whole time I have been staying away from TLS connections because it only has the SSL checkbox. Good to know we can use both. I will have to start another post then for a different error. I have tried connecting to this SMTP server over all possibilities but none work.

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replied on February 28, 2020


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