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How can I trigger a lookup table from a select autofilled?

asked on February 13

Hi all,


I created a lookup table from a select ("My Select") to autofill an input ("Input Result DB").


"My Select" default's value is empty



I wish to auto fill "My Select" using URL and Javascript (...?MySelect=choix_1), then get the result from the lookup table in the field "Input Result DB" but my lookup table doesn't work like this.

I need to change "My Select" manually to get the value in the field "Input Result DB".


How can I do please?


Thanks in advance.






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replied on February 14

You need to trigger a change event on the select field, which can be done easily with jQuery's .change(). So for example, if the drop-down is q1, then


after you've changed the value will trigger the lookup rule.

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replied on February 14

Thanks Jim,


It's working.



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