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timer catch event

asked on February 13

I have a process that after certain tasks are completed, it should pause for a week before the next task is assigned. I would like to document the start and end dates of this period either in the action history or on the form itself.  Is there a way to make those dates appear in the action history? I am thinking I can use the previous user submission's completion date as the start date on the form, but I don't see anything else to use as the end date. Any suggestions?


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replied on February 14 Show version history

Hi Fernando,

The Action History will show when the task was assigned. Is this what you're looking for?



Alternatively, instead of using a standalone Timer Catch Event, you could use a User Task that is assigned to an empty team with the timer attached and set to "Interrupt the attached activity":

This would give you the following Action History (mine was set to 5 minutes):

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