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[Bug Report] "Show Default Task Link" missing in Safari Version 13.0.4 (Resolved)

posted on February 12 Show version history

Good morning team,

We've just updated to Laserfiche Forms Professional Version and I've noticed while working on a business process that the User Task email editor no longer displays the "Show Default Task Link" checkbox in Safari 13.0.4.

It displays in Chrome without issue:

Can anyone else reproduce this issue?

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replied on February 12

OK, oddly, the feature is now appearing correctly in Safari. I can't figure out why - as aside from refreshing/saving the process a few times (of which it historically persisted) nothing else has changed. I haven't even restarted the browser! There is no Adblock or other external plugins used with this browser. I wonder if it was a resource that wasn't loading or had been incorrectly cached because of the upgrade?

Regardless, closing this as solved. 

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replied on February 17

You may have cleared your cache which made this option appear. 

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