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Using Teams in Forms

asked on February 11

Is it possible to use teams in forms to find users or email addresses depending on what is selected in a drop-down field?  When building out the Process Diagram for forms, you can filter using roles based on how the team was put together.  Is this possible to do inside a form?


Ex:  Employee fills out a Separation Notice and we want to notify (email) the division director based on the division drop-down from the form.  No task.  We have put together a Division Director team and we use that for other forms when we need to assign tasks based on the what division was selected.  


We are hoping to use this same aspect inside a form to find either the DD's name or email address.  Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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replied on February 11

Have you considering linking your Active Directory to your database?  We are in the process of setting that up to do the same thing you describe above.  If AD is set up correctly the form will know where to send based off the role/department etc.

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replied on February 12

I believe we discussed this in the past, but never actually linked it.  May be something we look into going forward.  Only issue I see with this is our OUs and Divisions don't necessarily match because they seem to change the service areas / divisions yearly.


I really appreciate your input.  Thanks!

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replied on February 13


I was curious about your question and tried to add my email as a value of the drop down choice and it worked.

A more dynamic way of doing this is to add a workflow service task and start a workflow that uses the find user activity that queries active directory and passes back the email address. This is especially useful when you have to find and email users that do not have a Laserfiche license.

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