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Empower 2020 VM Available for Download

posted on January 22, 2020

Hello Empower attendees,


The Empower 2020 VM is now available for download here! You can also find the required specifications for using the Empower VM on that page. If you plan on using your own laptop during lab courses, you will need to download and configure the VM before arriving at Empower.


Within the download, we've included a guide with step-by-step instructions for getting your VM up and running. If you need assistance settings things up after downloading the files, please stop by the Consultation Bar in the Exhibit Hall when you get to the conference.


In order to download the VM from the Support Site, you will need to have the Product Download Access role. If you do not have that role, you can request it here.

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replied on March 17

Will this VM be available for Empower 2023? Trying to be prepared! Thank you

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replied on March 17

Hi Kevin,

If you're attending a lab class, you do not need to download a VM before the sessions. We'll actually be hosting all of our VMs online, so basically all you'll need is a laptop running a modern web browser. You'll receive more information about requirements to connect to the online environment in the Know Before You Go email for Empower.

Looking forward to seeing you at Empower!

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