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Setting a Saved Search as the Default Search for a User on Laserfiche Cloud using the Web Client

asked on January 21, 2020

I have a user who has created a Saved Search on the Web Portion of Laserfiche Cloud.  They would like this particular saved search to be the default search whenever they click on "Search Filters" next to the Search Bar.  

This seems like this might be a function of a user attribute.  However I am not seeing a User Attribute which controls this.

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replied on January 22, 2020

We have a few customers who use this function, it disappeared after the LF cloud update last week

I know that LF is working on it right now as an urgent issue


Good luck1

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replied on January 30, 2020 Show version history

Echoing the sentiment here - my users are not happy about the changes to search after the latest LF Cloud update and we would like to be able to change the default search options in the web client.

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replied on February 27, 2020 Show version history

Hi all, 


Thank you for the feedback on the new search interface. We're taking an iterative approach to the Web Client search interface revamp. The current interface you see on Laserfiche Cloud is phase 1, but it's only one part of a larger overhaul that will provide a better experience as we go throughout the year.  


We're working on phase 2 now, which will bring saved searches to the forefront in more inclusive ways, including the ability to set search filters to default to a saved search. 


In the meantime, you can use search URLs to accomplish a similar result. Enter a URL like:


Users can book mark the URL, load it to run the saved search. Users can then edit/tweak the search in the left pane as they need to. 


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