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Include external library using Ajax or any other recommended method

asked on January 16, 2020


I am still learning and I do not have a better frame of reference for help other than this community.

I would like to incorporate Tabulator into my Laserfiche integration.

I have previously built a similar integration with Google's Places API.

However, I copy pasted and easily changed my variables to suit my project.

Now, I want to use this:

The libraries are:


Their tables are truly amazing and I think an incredible integration can be built.

I tried this:

But keep getting the error:

Now from my recent experience with what little I've managed to teach myself, this means essentially that my library is improperly reference/not there to use Tabulator.();

Is there any gifted individual that could give me a hand please?

Trying to get the attached project to work in Laserfiche Forms (excuse the massive JSON db/variable - it's for another project). - See index.txt attached.

Kindest regards and many thanks in advance.



index.txt (325.89 KB)
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replied on January 16, 2020
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replied on January 17, 2020

Dandy :)

Thank you sir

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replied on January 17, 2020

Looks sexy!

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replied on January 19, 2020

Just an fyi to anyone who reads this post and maybe wants to integrate with Tabulator;

The table data is deleted when saved into the Repo, I do not have a fix for this but will post here when I do.

Thanks again Rich

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replied on January 20, 2020

You may try setting the Tabulator Printing options to see if printAsHtml:true helps.

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replied on January 23, 2020 Show version history

Bert, it doesn't exactly work since the printAsHTML functions similar to a PDF you are viewing in Google Drive and you press ctrl + P.

It is still saving blanks in the Repository.

Thanks for the info though. Script looks like this now:

$(document).ready(function () {
  $('head').append('<link href="" rel="stylesheet">');
    $.getScript('', function() {
      var tabledata = [
     {id:1, name:"Oli Bob", age:"12", col:"red", dob:""},
     {id:2, name:"Mary May", age:"1", col:"blue", dob:"14/05/1982"},
     {id:3, name:"Christine Lobowski", age:"42", col:"green", dob:"22/05/1982"},
     {id:4, name:"Brendon Philips", age:"125", col:"orange", dob:"01/08/1980"},
     {id:5, name:"Margret Marmajuke", age:"16", col:"yellow", dob:"31/01/1999"},
        var table = new Tabulator(".MyTable", {
     height:205, // set height of table (in CSS or here), this enables the Virtual DOM and improves render speed dramatically (can be any valid css height value)
     data:tabledata, //assign data to table
     layout:"fitColumns", //fit columns to width of table (optional)
     columns:[ //Define Table Columns
         {title:"Name", field:"name", width:150},
         {title:"Age", field:"age", align:"left", formatter:"progress"},
         {title:"Favourite Color", field:"col"},
         {title:"Date Of Birth", field:"dob", sorter:"date", align:"center"},


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