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I moved Laserfiche to a new VM on a new Domain now I can't access forms

asked on January 13

I moved Laserfiche to a new VM on a new Domain. I backed up and moved all my DB's to the SQL server on the new Domain. Laserfiche Admin console, the client and Workflow work fine on the Domain Server. However when trying to configure forms i get "Unable to connect to the Laserfiche Server; Access denied. [9013] [LFF3005-UnableToConnectToLFServer]"  i do specify the new server on the new domain but it says unable to connect to Laserfiche. The old LF server is turned off. Does the LF Forms DB retain the old server information? Do I need to create a new DB, if so will I lose the forms that were created in the old DB.  Please step me through moving Forms to a new server and Domain.  Thanks Wendi

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replied on January 13

Hi Wendi, 


Are you able to access the Forms configuration screen? if so, then go through that and point it to the new / moved setup. (go through each option on the left hand side) I believe from what I have read above, you just need to make sure it is pointing to the correct server and go from there. 


With thanks


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