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Where is Records Management Events in Admin Console

posted on January 13

I am working through the CPP and I had all the other tabes: Cycle Def, Locations, Retention sche, etc...  Just no Events.

I'm in 10.4


On the video CPP:


My Admin:




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replied on January 13

The Laserfiche Admin Console doesn't have that feature, the web admin console does.

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replied on January 14

So I'm in the Web Admin Console and after attaching the Repos I am only seeing the Volumes, Index, and Auditing sections on the left pane.  I logged in as myself and system admin and they were still not listed.  Is there any special configuration we need to do to get the Records Management to show in the Web Console?  Again, I do see it using the windows admin console and was able to follow the CPP and create the Cycle def, retention shed, and cuttoff.  


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