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Cloud 10.3 Web Client Quick Search Attributes

asked on January 13, 2020

I have a client that is wanting the Quick Search within Laserfiche Cloud Web Client to default to:

search in - entire repository instead of current folder

date - any date instead of Last 30 Days

Can anyone assist with this?  It's not in options and I am assuming it's something that needs to be configured in User Attributes. I have no idea what the values would need to be though.  I do not see the default attributes for users for "search features" either that I could try to alter.

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replied on February 27, 2020



I wanted to add on to this as well. I have a client that is LF Cloud and they want to change the default date modified from Last 30 days to any time. Is this possible in a Cloud environment?




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replied on March 2, 2020

Would it be possible to get a response from Laserfiche regarding this question?

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replied on March 2, 2020 Show version history

Seconding this. Our users are getting increasingly frustrated that the update made quick search unusable in many circumstances. 

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replied on March 9, 2020

Hi Drew and Henry, We hear you and it's on the schedule for release this year. 

Henry, I would like to hear more about what your users are experiencing to see if I can help sooner. I'll reach out.

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replied on January 16, 2020 Show version history

What Jennifer asked for would be really helpful. Additionally, how can we adjust attributes so that only Entry Name is check by default? In the new cloud update, there is no way to quickly adjust these setting without doing an advance search. If users chose to do a quick search, the searches are taking 2-3 minutes per search unless they cancel and uncheck document text. I see the attribute [Search]SelectedQuickSearches but this only seems to affect the desktop client. 

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replied on March 10, 2020

One quick update is there is a new attribute that allows you to set default quick search type in the web client:

Attribute Name



1 Document Text

2 All Fields

4 Entry Name

8 Annotation Text

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