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Schedule OCR Workflow and stopping the DCC and OCR processes

asked on January 7, 2020 Show version history



I'm trying to only run the Schedule OCR workflow on the weekends until the back file gets caught up, but i'm having an issue stopping the OCR processes that are currently processing when my script runs. I have the following 2 commands in my script. Please let me know what else needs to be added to it in order for it to stop all processes properly as the OCR processes continue to run after the DCC service is stopped. This is making the server very slow during office hours. Thank you!


NET stop lfdcc64

taskkill /im LFOmniOCR.exe

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replied on January 7, 2020 Show version history

Have you looked at this page? It describes how to disable task execution to essentially "shut down" the DCC workers/scheduler during certain hours.

Stopping the service and killing tasks is not ideal since it is similar to just "pulling the plug"

Each time you run a Schedule OCR activity in Workflow it creates a new Job; these jobs are broken into Tasks; based on the verbiage in the link above, disabling stops new task execution so it should pause OCR rather than trying to complete the entire job.

Also keep in mind that sometimes it takes a bit for the OCR tasks to "wind down" so you probably want to give it some breathing room. Personally, if you ever have the option, I'd highly recommend splitting the workers off onto one or more separate servers.

Additionally, you could limit the number of cores (concurrent tasks) the DCC/OCR service can use to prevent it from ever consuming all of the available CPU resources.

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