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Empower Schedule *New Arrivals* Filter

posted on December 11, 2019


Each year I try to create my Empower schedule as soon as possible before some of the more popular sessions inevitably fill up.

However, because the course list continues to grow in the months leading up to the conference, I find myself checking back routinely.

I love that new stuff gets added, but I find that some really interesting courses may be overlooked since the new ones often just blend in with the rest.

One thing I'd really love to see is a "new additions" filter or at least some kind of "new" indicator next to recent additions.

I'd even be open to a "notify me when new courses are added" option so I could get an email letting me know to go check out what's new.

Really, my hope is just to see anything that makes it a bit easier to become aware of "new arrivals" in case I might want to switch up my schedule.

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replied on December 12, 2019

Hi Jason! 

Thanks for sending us this suggestion, and glad to hear you like the line-up of classes! We will look into adding a feature to the schedule to help attendees find new classes more easily.

Looking forward to seeing you at Empower!

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