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[Feature Request] [Forms] [On Premise] Find processes based on user. (Preventative Maintenance)

posted on December 8, 2019 Show version history

Hi team, a couple of small process improvements here regarding maintaining process health with proactive user maintenance in Laserfiche Forms.

As far as I can tell (and please someone show me a better way if this functionality already exists) it is not possible to quickly and/or easily off-board users from processes when they leave the organisation.

We have over 200 processes, and so when a user leaves the organisation it can be very painstaking to proactively find and update the processes they were a part of. Sometimes we may not be notified that the user has been terminated (probably more common in larger organisations, too).

My first suggestion would to be to add a "Find User Processes" button to the System Security view (as shown in the mock up below). Selecting a user and pressing "Find User Processes" would check:

- Email address being used as sender, to, cc, or bcc (eg.
- Username being used in User Task or Email Task (eg. RI\AZulu)
- Username being part of a Team

That way we could take action as necessary. So that alone would be a *huge* help in finding the "about to be a problem" processes.

A stretch on this feature would be the ability to search and replace.. but I get that is probably a little dangerous. So for now I'd be totally happy with just the ability to find all of the affected processes and manually update them in context accordingly.


So if we were going big picture here and perhaps, in an effort to build a "smarter" system, it would be amazing if it were possible to automatically and proactively notify the system administrators when a process contains invalid users or email addresses (with a report).


That's it for today. Thanks again for all of your awesome work.


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replied on May 3, 2021

Just revisiting this quality of life feature for 2021.

Keeping it realistic to start with, would it be possible to get a simple native report in the Forms Administrator panel that displays something similar to what @████████ put together above? 

Specifically being able to launch the process directly is a nice touch to an otherwise very burdensome problem for platform administrators.

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replied on December 9, 2019 Show version history

Love your writeup!


Similar to Connie , our environment also uses some Teams, AD Groups, and the wonderful option #3 she listed, where some processes route trees are determined by a SQL lookup managed by a business process owner to do. 


Even with all that, there still exists the possibility an email task or approval are set to an invalid user. 



Here's a SQL query which returns the process affected, with the name of the step to look at. The URL takes you to the process modeler of the affected process. Maybe this can help you the meantime. :/


SELECT steps.process_id, steps.step_id, CONCAT('https://yourlfserver/forms/bp/routing/',steps.process_id) AS url,, users.displayname, users.sid
FROM [YOUR FORMS DATABASE SERVER].[dbo].[cf_users] users INNER JOIN [YOUR FORMS DATABASE SERVER].[dbo].[cf_bp_steps] steps
ON steps.definition_json like '%'+users.sid+'%'
WHERE users.is_activated = 0 AND users.sid LIKE 'S%'


Be sure to change the URL and Database Server Name to whatever is applicable to you. 





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replied on December 9, 2019

This is a topic that has been of extreme concern to me, as well.  Here are the things I've tried:

1) Forms Teams - I can't remember why, but this was not successful.  I was hoping that I could set up a team where each person's "Role" was their job description and have the role be the team component that would assign tasks in forms for processes.  That worked on a very limited basis, but didn't really resolve all my problems and not at all for WORKFLOW.

2) Windows Account - I had hoped, at one time, that Forms and Workflow could access an employee role (job title) off our Windows Active Directory Account credentials, but I wasn't successful with this.  I am not IT, though, and I'm not certain we fully explored all avenues for this option.

3) SQL data source for the employees - I came across a demonstration from a neighbouring municipality in a Laserfiche Workshop where they showed us how they had built an interface ("Dynamic Fields Editor") that they used to assist their staff in picking metadata to assist in records classification.  During the demonstration, I realized that this same concept could work for my growing concern regarding hard-coding forms and workflows with specific employee emails and names.  This is now set up and working beautifully for me!!!

Regarding Option 3 - Just prior to this workshop mentioned in Option 3, I had experienced this hardship when an employee left and I had to go into every form process, every piece of those form processes, and every workflow related to those form processes in order to find any mention of this employee's name or email address, and change all of those to another employee.  This solidified my growing fear regarding our paperless processes of which I was creating more and more of each year.  Thankfully, our neighbouring municipality agreed to share how they set up their SQL db and dynamic fields editor for me to be able to use the same idea for employee roles (job titles).  I then altered all my forms processes and workflows to lookup this db source to search out names or email addresses based on job titles.  Now, I don't have to worry about future employee changes.  I only have to change one place each time there is an employee change and all my processes will continue to send info to the right person.

FINAL NOTE:  I don't feel my solution is the best.  I firmly believe that there should be a place in Laserfiche where every organization should be able to provide an identifier of some kind that could be used easily by forms and workflow to tag these tools for auto filling names and email addresses according to roles.  I look forward to seeing any advances that Laserfiche would be able to provide in this area.

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