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Migrating entries to new volume

asked on December 2, 2019

Hello All,


I have migrated all the entries in one volume to another volume. But all the folders and files are still in the old volume windows directory  but they moved in laserfiche.

i am doing this test on my machine since we had one of our customer faced this issue with huge size of volume, but i also faced this issue on my Virtual machine with small size volume.

does anyone have any insight on the subject on how the process of delete after migration works and how we can make it go faster?

i found a lot of old thread handling this subject. but i need to know exactly what happened since there is no additional new official documentation on the subject.


Thank you.

Maher Daher.

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replied on December 2, 2019

Have you verified the files are in the new location?  

For very large volume migrations I have actually done these using Workflow.  I found what you are seeing - that there is some degree of uncertainty when moving large volumes.  With a simple migration workflow you can generally do it slowly but transparently to the users, and with more certainty of exactly what is going on.

Workflows are also useful if you are migrating more than 1-to-1 and want some logic in there.  I've migrated to volumes by creation year, for example. 

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