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drop down fields content from ODBC file

asked on November 28, 2019

We would like to use an excel file as ODBC source to populate a drop down menu in a field on a LF Form. Someone told me to use an SQL table , is this the only way? 


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replied on November 28, 2019

Forms supports use ODBC data sources since Forms 10.2 and you can use ODBC to connect to excel file. see online help here

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replied on November 29, 2019

Note that the ODBC source has to be on the Forms Server as Forms cannot resolve a network path to an ODBC file when tested in version and I expect previous versions as well.

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replied on December 1, 2019

You can use network path with following changes:

1. In Registry Editor, at Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBC.INI, expand the folder for the data source name, manually change the DBQ entry to a UNC path (from P:\Test\... to \\v-sh-users\Depot\Test\...); 

2. Use a windows domain user that has read and modify rights to the odbc file (or grant this domain user full control to the folder) to run the FormsAppPool, recycle the FormsAppPool.

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