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query forms database for Forms, Fields and variables per business process

asked on November 8, 2019

I need to produce a list of Business Processes, Forms, Fields, and variable Names for a customer to aid in designing an integration.  I have the following query which gives me everything I need except for the variable name.  Can you point me to the correct table and joins required to get this information?

SELECT AS ProcessName, AS [Form Name], dbo.cf_fields.label AS [Field Label], dbo.cf_fields.type AS [Field Type], dbo.cf_fields.length, dbo.cf_fields.default_value
FROM            dbo.cf_forms INNER JOIN
                         dbo.cf_form_process_mapping ON dbo.cf_forms.form_id = dbo.cf_form_process_mapping.form_id INNER JOIN
                         dbo.cf_fields ON dbo.cf_forms.form_id = dbo.cf_fields.form_id INNER JOIN
                         dbo.cf_bp_processes ON dbo.cf_form_process_mapping.process_id = dbo.cf_bp_processes.process_id INNER JOIN
                         dbo.cf_business_processes ON dbo.cf_bp_processes.bp_id = dbo.cf_business_processes.bp_id

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replied on November 8, 2019

I believe actual variable names are stored in the members table.

From what I can tell it maps

cf_fields to cf_bp_dataset via attribute_id

then cf_bp_dataset to members via member_id

However, for tables/collections, there's another layer as those appear to be in the entities table and will appear as the parent_entity_id for the child variables in the members table

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replied on November 8, 2019

Exactly what I needed. Thank you!!

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