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Utilizing a field in a table in another form

asked on November 7, 2019

I have a form that captures information in a table the table looks something like:

Name(include nicknames)    Sex     Race         DOB                   Employment/School

John Doe                                M        C         9/21/1959             XYZ High School

the user can add more rows to the table as the need presents

This form kicks off another form within the process and I am using the field Name (including nicknames) and DOB on the secondary form. There are other fields that are also being utilized on the second form that are pulling over with no problem but the fields in the table are not what am I missing?

BTW I am not an IT person so keep it simple please!

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replied on November 7, 2019

If you go to the second form, go to the layout page of the designer, then click the Variables tab above all the fields. On the variables tab, you should see all the variables from the process. Find your table field and drag it onto the form. If the table is filled in from a previous form, the data should carry over to the second form. 

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