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Cannot delete a user in LFDS

asked on October 9, 2019 Show version history

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to delete a user in LFDS.


When i select the user that i want to delete, No user details.


See the attached screenshot.


Hopefully any one can help me to solve this problem.



LFDS.jpg (35.58 KB)
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replied on October 10, 2019

Hi Rafael,


   Which version of LFDS are you using? We had a similar experience earlier this year, which was resolved by updating LFDS from 10.2.x to 10.3.x.




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replied on October 10, 2019

Thanks michael for the response,


my version of LFDS is 10.x.x. how can i resolve this issue?




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replied on October 11, 2019

You're welcome. You'd need to update LFDS. Please note that upgrading the Directory Server Application independently to 10.3. Directory Server 10.3 requires Laserfiche Server version 10.2.1 and later or Laserfiche Server 10.1 Update 3.

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replied on October 11, 2019

Some basic troubleshooting steps I recommend are the following:

  • Open LFDS in an incognito window and perform the action
  • Try using a different browser to access LFDS
  • Restart the LicenseManagerWCF service and try again
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