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Find Task Submission Date

posted on October 9, 2019

Does anyone know where in the forms database the task submission date is stored? I'm not talking about the start or end dates of a forms process, I'm talking about a task within the process. It's there somewhere because you can see it in the monitoring instance details but darned if I can find it.

A user has asked for a report and they want that information as well as other information from the form dates. I can get everything they requested with Forms Custom Report except for those intermediary submit dates. I know moving forward I can track those dates with a field on the form but it would be helpful if we can take advantage of existing information in the database. Especially for forms submitted in the past before we make this change.

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replied on October 10, 2019

Blake Smith has you on the right track, but the instance IDs you see in that table wouldn't match up to the main instance IDs that you see in the 'Monitoring' tab of Forms, because those tasks are associated with worker instances. This is where pulling information directly from the Forms database gets tricky because the data is so scattered among the tables, but this should be what you need:


The "task_metrics_mapping" table will show you those task submission dates/times along with the task name (origin_step_name) associated with a 'process_id' and an 'instance_id' (this is a worker instance ID).

You can then check the "cf_bp_main_instances" table to get the main instance ID for that instance, associated with the 'process_id' and the instance 'title' (this is what you see in the 'Monitor' tab of Forms)

Once you have the main instance ID, you can check the "cf_bp_worker_instances" table in the database to find the worker instance(s) associated with that main instance (the 'bp_instance_id' column will be the main instance ID and the 'instance_id' column will be the associated worker instance).

You can then go back to the "task_metrics_mapping" table and see the tasks executed under that worker instance ID.

Below is a quick outline of the mapping:

"task_metrics_mapping" = task name -> worker instance ID

"cf_bp_worker_instances" = worker instance ID -> main instance ID

"cf_bp_main_instances" = main instance ID -> instance name (title)

[Side Note: all 3 tables keep them tied to the 'process_id' which can be found in the "cf_business_processes" table in the 'bp_id' column]

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replied on October 9, 2019

You might try the task_metrics_mapping. I’m not sure if that’s the correct one, but worth a look.

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replied on October 9, 2019 Show version history

Hi , @████████ it looks like this is what I am looking for but I'm not seeing any records that match the instance numbers that I have that I would expect to see in there.

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