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Is there a way to exclude folders from search results if not using Laserfiche Cloud?

asked on September 10, 2019

I was pretty surprised to not see "Type" as one of the advanced search options when doing an advanced search in Laserfiche desktop/web. I want results to not include folders.

I am not trying to exclude certain folders from BEING searched, which is the only results I get when searching for how to exclude folders from Laserfiche search results.

I just want my results to only include documents.

I found documentation referencing a "Type" advanced search option, but it is only for Laserfiche Cloud.

Is it possible to return results that only include documents with search syntax?

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replied on September 11, 2019

If you're doing an advanced search, the check boxes are included under the "Name" option, just leave the name blank, and check the box for the type you want to find.

When writing out the Type search syntax, D = Document, F = Folder, S = Shortcut.

The example below searches for all Documents with the "Test" template.

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