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Activity_Log deadlock

asked on September 10, 2019

Workflow 10.3.

I am experiencing frequent deadlocks in the dbp.Activity_Search table of my workflow database as new activities are written and deleted during workflow processing.  I have just discovered that this table contains over 2,000,000 million old rows (From 2017).  This is prior to my tenure and I am not sure how they got "stuck" in this table and never deleted.  i believe theses rows are the culprit in my deadlocks.

Can I simply delete these rows without adversely impacting my production workflow server?  If not, how to proceed to clean up this table?

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replied on September 11, 2019

Workflow will retry on deadlocks, the messages are reported as information.

Activity_search is a live table pertaining to running instances. The data will be moved to activity_search_log when the instances complete (then purged once it ages out). Do not delete data from this table.

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