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Enhancement Request - Allow Data Maintenance to specify a date (variable)

posted on September 9 Show version history

With the enhancements in Laserfiche 10.4, we now have the ability to remove both form instance data and statistics after a set number of days (if you so choose). 

Would it be possible to build on this in future versions of Forms and be able to specify a variable here?  For example, we were wanting to keep form submissions for a year after the Event Date, which could either be specified manually in this section, or referenced within the form as a variable?  Or maybe go one step further and have a global policy that would look for a specified variable in any forms that have it, so the specified event date could potentially be different on each form?

I think this would be very handy for anyone trying to maintain data based on the event rather than a specified number of days after the actual submission. laugh

Marty Gaffney - Network Analyst
Town of Okotoks

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replied on September 9

This would be great to be added on a per Forms Process basis. Obviously not able to be enabled for an entire Forms installation.

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