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Directory Server - How do you set the DS server DNS Name used for apps to contact the server?

asked on September 5, 2019

When services contact the directory server, how do they know how to find it? It seems they are all finding it by the server's computer name. How do we change this to the official DNS name? IE:

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replied on September 6, 2019 Show version history

Hi Chad,

Right now there is no official way to do this, but we are aware of this feature request. You can work around this in two ways:

  • If you're working with a Rio system, you can use the clustering feature to accomplish your goal (note: the clustering feature does not need to be installed to do this)
    1. Enable clustering in LFDS
    2. Set the cluster role name to the desired DNS name (
    3. Set the cluster fingerprint to the fingerprint of the LFDS machine
    4. Add a new host name to the cluster with the LFDS machine's fully qualified domain name
    5. Save
    6. Generate new licenses for your applications
  • If you're working with an Avante system, or don't want to follow the above procedure, you will have to modify the hosts file on the application servers to redirect traffic to the LFDS machine FQDN
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replied on September 6, 2019

Got it. This is one of the only Avante systems that happens to use DS and an offsite QF station was trying to find the server. It is also good to know how they communicate though, since I am realizing if the DS server name changes it could break the service's ability to talk to it.

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replied on September 6, 2019 Show version history

Note that the "LicenseServer" value in the lf.licx files generated by LFDS is what tells the end applications where to reach LFDS. (That's the value that gets changed when following the cluster workaround)

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