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LFDS 10.4.2 search by display name

asked on August 13

We have a customer reporting that since they upgraded to LFDS 10.4.2 they are unable to search by display name.  When they search, if they use the actual domain name or group name, they get results, but if they try to use the display name, no results are found.

Prior to this upgrade, they always searched by display name without any problems.  Is this something that is on the list of items to be fixed?

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replied on August 14

Hi Bert,

The inability to search by display name is a current limitation in LFDS 10.3.1 through 10.4.2. This is on our radar though and the functionality will be reintroduced in a future update.

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replied on August 13

Hi Bert

If this is the behavior that you are seeing in Admin Console when adding users, then yes, I had brought this to LF's attention and they have identified it to be addressed.

In the meantime, if you use Management in the WebClient it works properly there or you have to search by the full name in Admin Console for now.

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replied on August 13

This is in the LFDS site.  When looking for Users or Groups, the search/filter no longer works using the display name.

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