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Issue using iframe and re-open it from the completed task inbox, any Idea why?

asked on August 13, 2019

I created a form that show an invoice using weblink into a html code with iframe.


Work well at the user task but not when the user want to re-open it from the completed task inbox or from the monitor view



But when it is submit and I want to review it from the completed task inbox



When I open the form document the iframe side does not work anymore, any idea??




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replied on August 13, 2019 Show version history

Mostly likely cause is that you're pulling some value from one of the fields to build the URL for your frame. When the form is opened from the completed tasks it is equivalent to the "read only" view meaning the fields/inputs are converted into div elements.

For example, if you're using JQuery like $('#Field1').val() it will work on the "live" form, but for the read only version you have to grab the text instead.

For example,

single line change from <input> to <div type="text">

multi lines change from <textarea> <div type="textarea">


If you want the form to work in both situations, then you'll need to write your code to check whether it is in a "read only" format and change how you pull the values accordingly.

The first thing to do is inspect the page from the completed task and see what URL is being created for the iframe.

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replied on August 14, 2019

make sense

var CurrentURL = $("#q20 input").val();
  $('#q2').append("<iframe src='"+CurrentURL+"' width=100% height=850px name='frame2' id='frame2'class='frame2'></iframe>");

  #q20 is the field with the whole URL

and #q2 is the HTML field


How do I know by using code it is in read only format?

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