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Looking to implement a timecard form and process for my organization.

asked on August 6, 2019

I've been tasked to start researching what it would look like to implement a timecard form/process for my organization.  The big issue that immediately comes to mind is the data entry that will be required from the form to the 3rd party accounting software. I don't see the benefit of creating a form/process for timecards, if this manual data entry will continue as it is now with our paper timecards.  I don't have a great understanding of Laserfiche RPA, but from what I can tell it seems that this will only allow the "bots" to pull from a 3rd party software into a Laserfiche form, not the other way around. Correct?


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replied on August 7, 2019

Here are some things to consider and will effect how you complete the automation.


Do you have a Cloud or On-Site Laserfiche product?

Is your accounting software Cloud or On-Site?

Can you connect to the accounting software with ODBC?

Does your accounting software accept batch data by a CSV import?


Often times, to pass data from a Laserfiche product to another software, you try to use an available import process available in the software already or push it through an ODBC connection.  To do either of these, you have to build a workflow to collect the data and then export to CSV or push through ODBC.


If neither of those two options are available and it is web based, you make talk to the accounting software vendor about using an HTTP Form Post to push the data.

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