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SharePoint Integration 2016 - Permissions Denied

posted on July 11 Show version history

A Client of ours is having issues with SharePoint Integration. I was able to replicate the same issue on a demo box.

  • SharePoint version is 2016
  • Installed Integration on SharePoint Server
  • Laserfiche Server & Web Client on the LFS box
  • Followed instructions on answers in configuring Kerberos for SharePoint and then for the SharePoint Search Integration.


The following error is encountered when SharePoint subsite is launched.

An error has occurred while rendering contents for repository 'DemoRepo' on '': Permission denied.

But when I click on the Laserfiche Repository Access [in blue highlight], it launches the Web Client and logs me in automatically.


Any ideas or pointers on how to get this working.

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replied on July 12

Hi Karim,


What version of Laserfiche is this? Note is must be at least version 10.3.1 or higher to support SharePoint 2016.

Just checking wink


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replied on July 17

Thanks Chris.


Laserfiche Server is



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